• “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” –Eleanor Roosevelt
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Road [ski, the northern route]

In short: I have decided to move to San Francisco. Since I figured adventure time was due, I voted for a cross country road trip- coast to coast, old and new mountains, ALL the foods. Tonight is part one, and day two, but check in for more details in the coming days. My plans are based … Continue reading

If Regret Were Real

    Fleeting regret is the hardest to handle. Missing a shot out of left field, or making the ‘wrong’ decision after deliberation (all the thoughts) never really stings that much. Sometimes you can’t see whats coming, and sometimes you just have to do something. These actions can be rationalized away into their neat, perfectly cubed holes. … Continue reading

And We’re Back

Back for the summer. Graduated. Working. Dawdling. Romping. Remembering how to write. Thinking too much. or just enough. S t o r i e s  Reading the 11 books started but never finished. Living in NC for the first summer in four years. Saying goodbyes, finding hellos.   Laughing.  Sleeping [now] real descriptions [later] Quick … Continue reading

What have you been left with?

  Today is my last day. I walked past Rasil the fruit man to say goodbye, even though I have enough fruit to last me till I leave. “You are a great to me. I can’t let you leave with nothing.” So I walked away with four perfect and free cherries. This got me thinking: … Continue reading

How have you changed? Three Months in Notes

  You can say what you want about city stereotypes, but I think each city just teaches you how to dive into the pleasures and trials of a country at high speed. Because people work at such a high level, I think how they slowdown is that much more visible, from all the people in  … Continue reading

What’s one thing you learned in the past three months? The Work Edition

Looking back at my time, I think I learned the most in work from simply not knowing, in naivity and in lack of information about VerbalizeIt.  VerbalizeIt’s appearance on Shark Tank consumed me at the beginning of my work. I was thrown into the fire, picking up slack when it was needed and learning about … Continue reading