The About Page…. Verbatim

Dearest Reader,

My name is Ananda Day. I’m a sophomore at UNC-Chapel Hill who, more or less, has not decided on one major or another. I am curious, enjoy words and puns, laugh persistently, revel in awkward moments, fail at social cues, love to study and make food, believe in princes and white steeds, and have that “wanderlust” as my Grandmother says.

Through this blog, I hope not to take myself terribly seriously. I’ve done the whole write out and explain all possible profound revelations from my experiences thing, but this will not be a blog like that. Surely, I will have those revelations, but I would prefer to talk about them on personal levels i.e. lets talk human to human. What is this blog then? Essentially, this will be the sporadic smatterings that are my thoughts and experiences this summer. I will be studying abroad in Singapore, India, and Brunei while traveling with friends in India afterward. If you are reading this, I hope you enjoy the actual blog- the flippant comments, running tally of how many door frames I have run into, epic fails, personal jokes, ridiculous reactions to food, and all the absurdity which is sure to spew from my fingertips.

Ciao then Dear Readers


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