Alive in India

India is truly amazing. When we landed on Tuesday night, we got to our hotel in Connaught place a little after midnight… and went to Hanuman Mandir, one of the first temples in Delhi.It is said to have a Hanuman statue dating back to the Ramayana. Almost all everything was all cleared out, but I, my professors, and a couple of other students all got to go in and see the temple. Each day I’ve had class in the morning, and then we are usually out after that. Class in the red fort, the Friday Mosque & going up its minaret, shopping through the markets, Dilli Haat, Humayun’s tomb this morning and the Taj tomorrow, Lodi Gardens one morning, exploring a bit of Connaught place, visiting J.Nehru University, and I’m sure I’ve done other things, but my mind is to exhausted and full to think about them. I got a phone finally, and am working on booking my tickets everywhere-before I know it I’ll be off and about!!!!! But now to sleep where my brain will attempt to regain sanity.

A couple photos here, brought to you by slow internet


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