The Next Movement

Sunset on the Atlantic coming back from the Ils de Madeline, right off the coast of Dakar

One year on, the machinations are starting again after the whirlwind that last summer was. This time there is familiarity in a different sense.

-I will be returning to Senegal from the end of May through Mid August to re[aly]-learn Wolof, intern between IntraHealth, Medic Mobile, and Malaria No More, revisit old friends and making new ones, and  making the food album just a little bit bigger.

– I will be in Dakar but probably making trips throughout alongside different organizational events

-I am going with the aid of the US Department of Education and their Foreign Language Area Studies program as well as the Carolina Experience Enrichment Scholarship.

-I’m going to try and invest in a real camera. This could be exciting.

-I just started my new round of typhoid vaccinations!

…. and now I will dutifully return to the exams I somehow love on an uber-nerdy level. Who wouldn’t want two weeks dedicated to simply understanding something[s]?

One Response to “The Next Movement”
  1. Meera Olson says:

    How wonderful to have another opportunity to travel, learn and grow!
    Way to go, Ananda!
    I am so proud of you.

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