De Bon Matin: T-15

Exams are over, I’m half way through university undergrad, and I have fewer than 16 days till I leave for Dakar, a city of lights and music.

-The first couple of days have been, and will be, something approximating a recovery. See below for the first installment for this summers official food diary, affectionately named Eating Imagination: Summer 2012

-I’m working with fellow UNC’r Sarah Osborne to figure out all things swell for this summer. She will be in Dakar doing research on China’s influence in Africa. additionally, my Wolof Professor, Mamarame Seck, will be leading a UNC study abroad in Senegal. In addition to past friends and “family” who will be in country, this promises to be a sort of homecoming.

-I have officially bought my year-long obsession, a beautiful Canon DSLR. It is safe to say that I am in love. I hope that this time, I will come back with pictures that do Senegal justice.

-Turns out my British Passport gets me free entry to the Gambia, fingers crossed for a surprise visit?

-I thought about the different dresses I could have made while in Dakar for about 45min last night… this might be a problem.


Earl Gray green tea
Toasted rice cakes- one with slivered almonds and julienned sweet Bosch pears, the other with fresh & local NC strawberries, both drizzled with aged balsamic vinaigrette & agave nectar.
A finishing side of date-like items from Rachel H straight from Israel and dried tart Michigan cherries

One Response to “De Bon Matin: T-15”
  1. Shalini says:

    that is a beautiful meal. Looks like the photo was taken with a pretty snazzy camera too 🙂

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