A Proper Introduction: The Ten que je “connais.” T-5

Ten that I “Know:” at T-5 Days till Departure

1) I remember moments through music, scents, and photography. One triggers the other. #burningtrash … also known as the scent seared into my memory of my first step off onto the tarmac when I landed in Senegal in 2009. There was also a stray cat, a pile of rubble, and six soldiers with what seemed to be AK-47s.

To wet the tastes: black peppercorn salami, aged Gouda, & a Dos Equis

2)I treasure personal rebuilding time, yet crave other people’s Quality time [this song: here’s to smoothness].

3)Skin is the softest at its best.

4) Things happen for a reason, and even so, I’ll search hard enough to make & find a reason.

5) Smiling and being earnest, at least in that I dont know most of anything, goes a long way. Period.

6)The painful parts that break me are where I learn the most. But really this goes with #4, so I’ll add a #11. When I was younger and a superb little tomboy, I used to watch Gundam wing. There was one scene where a character broke his ulna, and then put it in a splint. When asked to justify why, he simply stated that his bone will grow back stronger. Mayhap un-anatomically correct, but the lesson has stuck.

7)I have a lot of room for improvement with French and Wolof… and the general learning of artfulness. To boot: maybe I’ll see some fantastic sculptures with my French host father, Msr. Jacques Trouve with an accent literally, the “Found Jacques.” Perhaps an omen of this summer?

8)Spontaneity, and willingness to accept it have led, to some of my most pristine moment[See below]. Ironically, its also one of the hardest things to do, to let go and let be. So here’s to remember to be spontaneous, which isn’t ironic at all, right?

The Spring Break of 2011, Ryan & I decided to road trip up to San Francisco from Friday to Sunday night. Maybe it was hours up and many more back [on Big Sur], but why not? After this day driving back 10 hours to LA, I boarded my night flight back to CH.

9) I enjoy alliteration, s sounds, and the smoothness of things… probably because its like being embraced by words that go along with flow of your pulse. Serendipitous or serendipity is my favorite word in English, depending on the mood.

10) I’m really just a lover of love. Remember it, connect to it, see it, photograph it, laugh with it-it, Love, makes for stories and the best of highs and lows.

11) Things keep coming , they follow, if only because life wont stop for me. I’ve always thought the phrase “catching up to life” as funny– once we get there, aren’t we supposed to keep running in tandem with it? Today revolved around the idea of “being done” …when you come to a crystallized point where externalities stop bearing weight, and instead, you reclaim your autonomy through that release. So maybe it’s not catching up, but rather seeing where we fit in the race, stroll, tricycle contest, or whatever it may be.


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