Alive and Arrived

Bonjour Mes Amis!

Some quick quips:

1) I’m in Senegal (surprise, I know)
2) definitely sleep deprived
3) kid cudi, Justin beiber, and niki wee all on the music station. Begin take over
4) tally: two votes for me being French, one for Italian. Zero American votes #winning.
5) my host family is catholic. While I had catholic friends last time, they are still very much a minority in this 95% Muslim culture.
6) I have wifi in my house, but it’s broken. Nothing out of he ordinary.
7) I forgot how much kids here love me. Mostly because I try desperately to speak in any language… And usually fail
8) I took my malaria medication today, but forgot to put on bugspray. Drat
9) I live next I a Mosque. And we have a chicken I think. Both are bad for sleeping, but it’s still gorgeous to be woken up at 5 by a call to prayer.
10) Monday is a holiday. After getting my sim card and water…. I actually have nothing to do till Tuesday. Cheers to reading about malaria and reproductive health…. And relearning a different way of understanding time.

Off to read at a downtown cafe now, and see friends!



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