Obsessed: Tidbits & Knackerings

Self portrait of the week: my hat, one light, and the balcony from Zainabs apartment make this photo.

1) Random skills: Bartending, making swanky coffee and tea, tricks with fire [don’t worry safety first], parking well, things that involve subtle skills. But really, why not know random skills? As of late, I have been practicing those bartending & cooking skills, heres a little bit from tonight:

2)Etymology: See Ciao and you’ll understand me perfectly.

3)Reading for pleasure: Its an escape of every sort, and a challenge to have a good enough imagination to make it so. Side note: they say mispronunciation is the sign of a well read person, as they know a word, just not how to say it per se. Either that or pure ignorance, but hey, I’ll vote for the former.

4)Victorian hats: Since I was 8 years old…. its just that no one knew about it. They are just so ridiculous, massive, and gorgeous. I just finished 100 Years of Solitude and at one point a character arrives from Brussels with tens upon tens of hat boxes. And nowadays we think yachts are excessive, absurdity.  I’m also dearly in adoration of fashion as a whole, which was facilitated by a high school Project Runway bonanza, and is slowly coming to fruition in my wardrobe.  Another side note: Belgium, really? They win worst post-colonial country ever [my present opinion]. Nothing against Belgians of course.

5) Craved: Cliff bars, caprese salad, nap, daffodil hills and sweet summer grass, and not hearing cars.

6) Long letters: the best form of delayed gratification is reading one at some point of accomplishment, or for that matter writing one. You get to feel like you just conquered the physical pen, paper, trees, and minerals… and I personally get to laugh at the idea of people reading my handwriting. Supposedly I have a small hand

Exhibit A

7)Slow Food: Make it slow, eat it slow, enjoy getting there. Theres a reason strawberry picking is so great- because you get to sit in the same sun that warms the berries and sit in a rosy glow as you eat fresh made whip cream and pound upon pound of deliciousness. Yes, I was allergic to strawberries as a child…. and simply ate enough of them that I stopped. Raspberries are my present favourite, but for some reason they dont quite grow in Senegal.

8) A toast to live music, and I suppose my father… after all, many a night spent listening to guitar music has made me quite appreciate it. Song of the week.

Live music at Just4U, a club famous for its afro-cuban beats

Found: fantastically swanky club, Ozio, that is nice because its not terribly exhausting and full of beautiful Lebanese people. A fairly inebriated portugese expat tried to get me to dance with him, but luckily I was in deep conversation with Zainab. Speaking of which, I’m starting to find them, gasp! Zainab, Bashir who I originally went to the reggae concert with, Tahar & the Tunisians who go to the university here, token fascinating toubabs, Vijay the Indian shipping mogul, and other who are slipping onto the radar. They are all amazingly hospitable to the point where the battle for the check is a running joke.

Doin’ Work: has been fantastically exhausting. An official blog about teaching family planning and counteracting its myths through local theater troupes will be coming up soon.  As a side note, I received three marriage invites during the first 15min breakfast & coffee break, right in front of my supervisors too. Oh to laugh. Beyond that I began this week by translating one of IntraHealths newest programs explanations into English. I only have the first draft, but it’s a fascinating challenge and amazing to think I’m doing it.

Alive: the anemia has been getting better due to the handy dandy iron tablets, religious vitamin regime, and an obsession with schwarma. Sleep is in short supply, hence the drought in blogs.

Miffed: my host family, mostly because I’m never at home. Between work, class, putting in  time with friendships, Euro viewing, and romping around Dakar, being stationary is not on any of my lists. Is it fair to ask for a vacation after all of this? Cue dread of moving back in.

Praise: to delicious French wine at a Brazilian ‘resto’ that Vijay and I went to. As Vijay deals with shipping of millions, he laughed hysterically when I was bargaining with the taximan for a mere dollar.


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