And then we make mini pizzas

  • I am alive and well. It is Ramadan: Dear Ramadan, you make my food album a very interesting task. Yours truly, i-break-fast-with-gelatto
  • Pictures are from the baptism of my host mothers grandson, Nathan. An event that took over the house for days.

Grandmother #1 with Nathan, the newly baptized

  • I have recently made purchases that are incredibly stupid and intelligent and fantastic at the same time. I will not regret any of them…. and we can talk about it all later.
  • I’m being horribly slow at writing an article for work that I will tell you about, but its also terribly exciting.

Once upon a time there was a baptism chez moi. And on that day, the grandmother, upon aunt, upon great aunt, upon aunt, mother, grandmother in law, and all the other possible options in the world showed up in my courtyard…. dancing, singing, and in the same outfits. #win

  • Days are beginning to whittle down. I wonder when you reach that tipping point where you already have  nostalgia for the moment you’re in? Or maybe that means you’re just more present.
  • I went to the Ile de Ngor yesterday, one of Senegals small islands right off the coast. Its what I imagine the French Riviera looking like. Pictures to come.

Ami, my friend, sarcastic and forgiving, the house maid, but for now all dressed up for the baptism.


  • It is now pouring outside.

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