How have you changed? Three Months in Notes

Goal: Love something like this

Goal: Love something like this


You can say what you want about city stereotypes, but I think each city just teaches you how to dive into the pleasures and trials of a country at high speed. Because people work at such a high level, I think how they slowdown is that much more visible, from all the people in  the park, to the fact that there aren’t really bad restaurants.

I am mission oriented. Maybe this goes back to the fact that I got in trouble for asking too many who, why, and hows as a kid, but I need to believe in the point before I can work well to something.

Fake it till you become it says TED. Well yes. I came into this summer wanting to be the person who could work at a high capacity and high potential, and maybe I’m not there yet, but I’m a-going.

I am not hip enough to live in Brooklyn, but I can pass pretty well in the West Village and Chelsea.

I think my generation is going to take women in the workplace a different direction. Maybe its because we have Sheryl and Oprah kicking things off, or because Mia & Brandi showed us what guts were, or even because when we’re at university there are more of us. Either way, from the people I have met I have incredible hope.


Goal: Learn how to express joy like this

Goal: Learn how to express joy like this

That’s another thing about cities. I think they create optimism. Its so easy to see the dirt, the old, the shabby, but they’re the hubs where you see innovation at every street corner because everyone is constantly learning from each other. Or maybe you just get better at finding space to be optimistic as a survival mechanism.

I believe in skills. Because they make you more interesting, they allow you to travel, and I see them as pushing towards a service for other people.  Bartending, making good coffee, speaking languages, being funny, making beauty, etc.


Goal: Keep making drinks this good and  better.

Goal: Keep making drinks this good and better.

It is harder and more beneficial to recognize people, than to pass by them. Conversely, this is the easiest way I have found to get out of a funk. Its an easy spark because it scares the living daylights out of you to work up the energy and bravery, but the people help bring out details  you never noticed. I made a promise to meet a new person, 5/7 days a week, for the next 365 days. So far I’ve met everyone from Paul & Joesph drinking wine on the brownstone steps at midnight, to Rasil, the fruit man who always gives me extra cherries.

In some ways I see the grandest negation being that between those who think life is urgent, and those who have no opinion on the matter.

No matter what, it will always be about the people that become part of you. I don’t think I would want it to be any different.

Toast: To one of those people, Mackenzie-- She's off to California and I'm headed back to Carolina

Toast: To one of those people, Mackenzie– She’s off to California and I’m headed back to Carolina


One Response to “How have you changed? Three Months in Notes”
  1. Mackenzie Thomas says:

    This is your best yet, ADay. Love it all and am blessed to have the opportunity to go through life with you. Here’s to being the next Sheryl and Oprah!

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