And We’re Back


A British Affair with GG

Back for the summer. Graduated. Working. Dawdling. Romping. Remembering how to write. Thinking too much. or just enough. S t o r i e s  Reading the 11 books started but never finished. Living in NC for the first summer in four years. Saying goodbyes, finding hellos.   Laughing.  Sleeping [now] real descriptions [later]


Bida Manda during Restaurant Week

Quick Hits:

  • Dear Raleigh: It feels like we went through the pre-teen stage of life together… the soccer-moms, growing up (or out) in the suburban way, and gloating knowing the original Krispy Kreme was all ours. This being said, thank goodness we are both now obsessed with delicious food .
  • Learned from work: inverse correlations exist between the cost of coffee and the amount of caffeine… or maybe its the small cups that get me
  • Gotta love farm areas in NC…tractors on highways and Allstate signs correcting it to “Y’all State”
  • Quote of the week: “He has the swagger of a gangster, and the face off the Sistine Chapel”
  • 2nd Place: “But God is a Mustache”-The Beloved Cameron Kneib in reference to how nature and serendipity somehow made this>>>>
To Corners & Mustaches

To Corners & Mustaches


Nights: Pool & Teasers. What more could you ask for?'

Nights: Pool & Teasers. What more could you ask for?’



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