Quick Hits: 6.4.2013

-One of the things I’m working on: the #foundintranslation campaign. Alongside Rosetta Stone, if you submit a travel photo to the site and receive the most likes, you will win a trip to the place of your choice. I know you all love traveling, or if you just want to oogle pretty pictures it’s a … Continue reading

Touchdown in New York

A post to begin the summer. After five days, five great moments. 1. I obtained my unlimited subway pass, have not fallen over the yellow line, and have been asked by strangers for directions. Point for blending in? 2. Went to Roberta’s- possibly the best pizza I have ever had. Here, fresh mozzarella, spring greens, … Continue reading

We’re Never Growing Up

I’m growing up, in one of those stages, in the process of getting older—it’s always all of you, and all at once, that is changing. Since the first viewing of Peter Pan, the myth of becoming “mature” flitted between a goal and the number one thing to run away from. When do you officially cross … Continue reading


From an interview with Ray Bradbury INTERVIEWER How important has your sense of optimism been to your career? BRADBURY I don’t believe in optimism. I believe in optimal behavior. That’s a different thing. If you behave every day of your life to the top of your genetics, what can you do? Test it. Find out. … Continue reading

Lyrical: How to Remember

I hear  Sheila Ki Jawani and I smell crisping honey-chicken butt, the mix of diesel, urine filled dirt, and sweet jasmine, think of high walls and jewels, and I taste tea that makes my heart cry with happiness.  Around the time of my 13th birthday I learned that memory was a tricky thing. As it … Continue reading

Five for 20’s: How I’m Alive so Far

I think we always here about how great your ’20’s’ are. Growing up, they are the myth where everything is possible, and it seems like all people in their golden years speak of their 20’s with fondness and irreverence… you  know, the “I was ridiculously stupid back then but hell, it sure was a grand … Continue reading