If Regret Were Real

    Fleeting regret is the hardest to handle. Missing a shot out of left field, or making the ‘wrong’ decision after deliberation (all the thoughts) never really stings that much. Sometimes you can’t see whats coming, and sometimes you just have to do something. These actions can be rationalized away into their neat, perfectly cubed holes. … Continue reading

We’re Never Growing Up

I’m growing up, in one of those stages, in the process of getting older—it’s always all of you, and all at once, that is changing. Since the first viewing of Peter Pan, the myth of becoming “mature” flitted between a goal and the number one thing to run away from. When do you officially cross … Continue reading

Still Kicken

So it was jaipur for two days- way to busy, got a fantastic saree for Rachel P, made a couple of cool friends Udaipur was way better, hung out with some guys from Valencia the first two nights, met an Israeli woman the second day and we went around the city together, last day went … Continue reading

Alive in India

India is truly amazing. When we landed on Tuesday night, we got to our hotel in Connaught place a little after midnight… and went to Hanuman Mandir, one of the first temples in Delhi.It is said to have a Hanuman statue dating back to the Ramayana. Almost all everything was all cleared out, but I, … Continue reading

Last Weeks In Sing

Well now Friends, Family, long lost readers, random person reading this(?), I’ve been caught up in quite a whirlwind, hence my lull in responses.  Almost twenty days later, I have many more memories for a lifetime, and will never be able to do any of them justice. *Note: I’m writing this on the 12th, aka … Continue reading

Arabian Singapore

What have I been up to Since the last time: -Went to Arab street with the whole group and the Provost of UNC, no big deal. We then went to the Asian civilizations museum, which was pretty cool. Modern art terracotta soldiers, on Ananda statues, tons of Malay stuffs, and all that other jazz. Mary, … Continue reading