If Regret Were Real

    Fleeting regret is the hardest to handle. Missing a shot out of left field, or making the ‘wrong’ decision after deliberation (all the thoughts) never really stings that much. Sometimes you can’t see whats coming, and sometimes you just have to do something. These actions can be rationalized away into their neat, perfectly cubed holes. … Continue reading

Five for 20’s: How I’m Alive so Far

I think we always here about how great your ’20’s’ are. Growing up, they are the myth where everything is possible, and it seems like all people in their golden years speak of their 20’s with fondness and irreverence… you  know, the “I was ridiculously stupid back then but hell, it sure was a grand … Continue reading

Amul Solo

  Recently I have had the privilege of continuous power and good streaming quality at my house. Due to this, I have been able to continue watching HBO’s Girls , what some describe as the college generations Sex and the City. For those that don’t know me that well, I rarely, if ever, even have … Continue reading

Consciously Unconscious

On some level we all toe the line. Some sit on the split between rigid societal expectations and dreams that would make the most adventurous 5-year old jealous. Others run between monotonous order and flippant regard for law and norm. Every happy medium will be different per person, but there is that medium, that golden point where you feel … Continue reading


Senegal is built off of people and relations a sentence that has been written hundreds of times over. After skipping off of a plane full of serenading ay doom, or children, I slowly let my brain re-wrap around the notion that being alone is more a malady than anything else. This can be both beautiful and … Continue reading

A Proper Introduction: The Ten que je “connais.” T-5

Ten that I “Know:” at T-5 Days till Departure 1) I remember moments through music, scents, and photography. One triggers the other. #burningtrash … also known as the scent seared into my memory of my first step off onto the tarmac when I landed in Senegal in 2009. There was also a stray cat, a pile of … Continue reading